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Should I enroll in Medicare at 65?

Our goal at Stark Associates Insurance Agency is to make sure Medicare beneficiaries have the best education to help them make an informed decision when they turn 65. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is when to enroll in Medicare – immediately upon turning 65 […]

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Medicare Part B Deductible Changing 2022

For most folks they go see the doctor around the first of the year. So they pay their Medicare Part B (Doctor and outpatient) deductible. In 2021 it is $203.

In 2022 it is $233.

11 months pass and most forget that they owe the deductible again when the calendar year resets […]

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Will my doctor take my supplement?

What doctors take?

Almost all doctors take Medicare and all Hospitals do. Does that mean that if they take Medicare they will take your supplement? The answer is yes! Most folks that have been on managed care their entire lives think that the […]

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When can I leave my Advantage plan?

There are a couple of times during the year when you can leave your Medicare Advantage Plan. The Annual Election Period (AEP). The dates are October 15th to December 7th. Or you can leave in the open enrollment period from January 1st […]

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Plan G or F?


Decisions, decisions. Most folks that are retiring and or turning age 65 still talk about plan F Medicare Supplement. If you are […]

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Thank you Parents


Thank you parents! We all have them. They have looked out for us now we need to look out for them. As our parents get older they will be leaning on their children more.

What will they need from you? Make sure […]

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How much do Medicare Supplement policies Cost?

Medicare supplement policies are insurance policies offered by private insurance carriers. In other words they fill in the gaps. These policies are also called “Medi-Gap” plans. Not all carriers are treated equally. There can be a huge difference in costs between the same plans across different carriers so […]

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Disadvantages of Medicare Advantge


Are you turning 65? Have you opened your mailbox lately? After you have cleaned and disinfected your mail, what do you see? Tons and tons of solicitations! Pick me the mailers scream! Your time is now and you have a right […]

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I have to renew my Medicare Supplement policy right?

Are you confused thinking you need to renew your Medicare Supplement policy? Your policy is in fact guaranteed renewable. That means that as long as you are current on paying the premium that your insurance coverage will renew automatically. Just because we are entering the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) does […]

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