How would you pay for your mortgage, bills, groceries etc if you were unable to work for a long period of time due to a disability?

Enter income protection disability insurance. This allows you to collect a check every month to pay for things that you need most.

How does individual disability insurance work?

You have an option on benefit periods. Select 5 years or have the benefit pay until age 67. The options are there for you and whatever fits your budget.

It’s important to understand that you cannot collect life insurance money if you live. Disability insurance is there for you to pay all your other insurance bills in the unfortunate situation that you’ve been injured or incapacitated enough that you are unable to do work.

We work with a number of carriers that offer Individual Disability Insurance. They include:

  • Standard Insurance Company
  • Guardian Life
  • Ameritas Life
  • Metropolitan Life
  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • Peterson International Underwriters
  • Principal Financial Group

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