Decisions, decisions. Most folks that are retiring and or turning age 65 still talk about plan F Medicare Supplement. If you are asking you are in for a surprise. Plan F is no longer offered as of January 1 2020. What that means is if you have turned 65 after that date you are no longer eligible to enroll in that plan. This was the law passed by Congress called Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act of 2015. (MACRA).


Who am I?

If you were 65 before 2020 and have Plan F or you are leaving a company that offered you health benefits and turned 65 before 2020 you would still be eligible to enroll in Plan F. This article is for you. You have to ask yourself who am I? F or G? Since Plan F has gone away for everyone else the pool of people that are already in Plan F have experienced double digit rate increases on their plan. Sure Plan F was the best and you have, no out of pocket costs when visiting the provider or the hospital. But is paying more, much more worth it?


We discourage people from enrolling if they are eligible for Plan F. We also contact folks that are currently on plan F and if they are healthy try to move them to a lesser cost Plan G. This Plan G is about 15%-20% less expensive than F and the only difference in benefit is the Medicare Part B deducible which is $203. There is also another option called Plan N. This is gaining in popularity. I will cover this soon!