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Medicare Part B Premium Reduction?

Medicare Part B Reduction?

There is a change that your Medicare Part B premium’s might be reduced. Initially the jump of Medicare Part B premium from $148.50 in 2021 to $170.10 in 2022 has been caused by Aduhelm. This is a new Alzheimer’s drug that is new to the market. The […]

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Know Thy Neighbor

Do you have neighbors? Are you they around the same age? Do you talk about Medicare? Do you talk about your RX plan? If so this video above is for you!

Annual Election Period

​As we have just finished the annual election period (AEP) 10/15 – 12/7 for your RX plans for […]

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Medicare Part B Deductible Changing 2022

For most folks they go see the doctor around the first of the year. So they pay their Medicare Part B (Doctor and outpatient) deductible. In 2021 it is $203.

In 2022 it is $233.

11 months pass and most forget that they owe the deductible again when the calendar year resets […]

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Fork in the Medicare Road

I have to act now!

There seems to be some confusion with Medicare. Beneficiaries think they need to take action now! When I mean now it is between October 15th and December 7th. All the commercials! When will it stop? Well you do have a choice. Just because someone is pointing […]

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Individual Medical Insurance Open Enrollment is here! 2022

2022 Open Enrollment

Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 Open Enrollment Period for individuals that do not have Medical Insurance coverage or are looking to change plans. Depending on your income you might be eligible for a subsidy that can help offset your premium costs. It only takes a few minutes […]

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Talking about Health Insurance with NJ-ROI

A few weeks back I was asked to speak to Brett Johnson of ROI-NJ about the upcoming year in health insurance and what does it look like? We went into detail about health insurance rates in 2020 and how the lower utilization actually leveled off premiums for 2021. There were […]

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Discount on my RX? Yes please!

Are the drugs that you pickup at the pharmacy costing you a fortune? Even with your drug insurance card? There is another option.

This works on certain drugs and it doesn’t hurt to look up the drug you are on to see if there is a coupon available. Your pharmacist will […]

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How does Medicare Part D Work?

I put a video together above going through examples of different stages of Medicare Part D. This is the RX portion of Medicare. There are still questions about the “donut hole. We help our beneficiaries understand the drug plans they are enrolling in and project out plan costs over the […]

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Annual Election Period (AEP) is upon us!

If you are a Medicare beneficiary it is time to review your RX. Every year from 10/15 – 12/7 is the annual election period. This is the time for you to review the annual notice of change you have received from your […]

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Proud to Serve


When in business you should not take responsibility lightly. You are responsible for your clients, prospects and employees. You take the time to educate those folks as they grow and stick with you long term. Included in the hierarchy of importance is […]

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