Individual Open Enrollment now is the time!

During the year you were looking to enroll into an individual medical insurance policy? Were you told that you had to wait until open enrollment? Now is your time! The open enrollment season starts on 11/1/2019.  Please watch the video below.



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Don’t be confused. October 15th is the start of AEP!

I have included a video below to clarify what October 15th is. If you are on Medicare and have Part D RX plan, it is time to shop for an RX. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you have the availability to change plans. Both would have effective […]

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Millennial? Don’t put off going to the doctor

In this article that I have read it is just a reminder to go annually to see your doctor. Regardless if a recession is looming.

Here is the link to the article.

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Chronic Illness to be paid for?

Please see the below article written by the Wall Street Journal. My question is if the cost of that care is shifted before deductible in high deductible plans tied to HSA’s won’t the premium skyrocket?

Chronic Illness paid for before deductible is met?

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Is healthcare confusing?

Please take a moment and read this article about medical charges and the ER. The rate is the rate until it isn’t. No one has a clue what health care costs. I would say the last frontier of opaque transparency.

The ER Overcharged me 

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Social Security Error could cause issues for 250,000 Seniors

There will be many seniors, a quarter million that might receive bills for as many as five months of premiums that they thought they paid. This is not a scam or a mistake so please don’t toss the notice in the garbage. For more see the link below.

Social […]

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Medicare pays for long term care? Think again.

Many medicare beneficiaries think that once enrolled in Medicare, long term care will be paid in full. By definition the needs for LTC would be if you could not perform one or two of the six activities of daily living (ADL’s.) Eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, […]

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Paternity benefits not a fad

Expecting parents? Dad you can experience what Mom has gone through for decades. The joys of staying home to pitch in.

Employers to remain competitive are offering increased paternity leave. Is yours?

If you can stay home do it! 

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The Rebates are Coming!

According to studies it looks like the insurers selling medical insurance to individuals could be issuing a record 800 million in rebates to customers. Premiums were overshot when setting premiums for last year due to the uncertainty of the ACA.


Image result for money

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Any Hospitals Left?

Another little wrinkle in the ‘Medicare for All’ conversation. Can hospitals stand on their own when reimbursements will be cut in more than half? Many hospitals will close and there will most certainly be layoffs.

Hospital Reimbursment


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