Individual Medical Insurance premiums set to spike..again

It is something we deal with often in our office often. An individual who does not have the ability to enroll in a group plan. The reasoning might be in between jobs, the employer does not offer benefits or they are sole practitioners. Most of these families in NJ […]

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Buying a business is more than just numbers

Everyday many people dream of leaving their jobs to “be their own boss” and own a business. When taking that next step remember it is not always about the numbers. Do you think this business fits your personality? Are you good with people? If you don’t look beyond the […]

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Do you need life insurance?

To purchase life insurance or not? That is the question. I sit in the middle of this debate. Term insurance has great protections and is inexpensive vs. the death benefit it provides. If you have a young family, a mortgage, college loans, auto loans overhead etc. Term life insurance […]

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Some in congress cannot have it both ways

Great opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal. Essential health benefits and other mandates are what is drive up medical insurance costs. Why not get creative and offer plans that do not cover everything under the sun? If an individual that is young and healthy wants to make an […]

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Email do you answer too quickly?

In the age of email we never give this a second thought. Email comes in and we respond. But this could also be taking a good amount of time away from many other tasks we do daily. It also could increase stress across our workday. Something we need more […]

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New Medicare Cards

Soon our Medicare beneficiaries will be receiving new Medicare cards that do not have their Social Security numbers on them as their ID number. Be aware of scammers! You might get a call stating there is a cost to get your new card. There is NOT they are free!

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Cigna is close to purchasing Express Scripts

After the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) there has been major consolidation in the industry since 2015.

Health insurer Cigna plans to buy Express Scripts in a cash-and-stock deal worth $52 billion, excluding debt, that the companies say will expand their health care offerings [...]</p></div></div><div style=

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Medicare double that of non-medicare households

Average Medicare households health-related expenses are more than twice as large as non-Medicare households. Is that due to the age of the beneficiary or is there more?

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Cost Sharing Reductions could make a comeback

There are discussions on the hill to bring back the Cost Sharing Reductions. Last year they were eliminated which resulted in a spike in premiums just before individual enrollment time.

GOP eyes budget maneuver to pay for ObamaCare funds

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Not everyone will join an Association Health Plan

A recent study suggests that not everyone will join an association health plan. That being said there are estimates that over 3 million people will be leaving the marketplace which will increase premiums even further for those who stay.

Study: Trump insurance proposal could lead to [...]</p></div></div><div style=

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