Individuals Need Help too

Yes there is another medical insurance wave of increases coming with no end in sight. We are talking about the individual pre-65 year of age population. Those currently insured without subsidy assistance because they “make too much” will be faced with double digit increases. These individuals include contractors, sole-props, […]

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Aging is there a limit?

I read this morning and interesting article full of facts and information in regards to pushing the envelope on aging. Can we make it past 125 years old? I can only think as a medical insurance broker what that would actually cost our country when we accomplish that feat […]

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Medicare for All? The same as Single Payer?

Medicare for all. We have all heard this echoing from our nations capitol but the two are not the same. Medicare has both premiums and copay’s. Single Payer would “get rid” of those cost sharing features. Medicare also relies heavily on a lifetime of contributions to make this entitlement […]

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You get what you pay for

Medicare advantage plans are cheap! Sometimes there is no cost to them at all. Sound to good to be true? Usually is. Do you want to be concerned about co-pays, deductibles and networks? One minute your favorite doctor participates in your plan the next he or she doesn’t? Before […]

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Volunteer because it is good!

Since I was very young my father introduced me to a local club called the Lions Club. I was able to see at a young age first hand what reaching out to the community and assisting those who need it most was like. Years went by and attending club […]

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Medicare enrollment pitfalls

I see this everyday. An individual enrolls in Medicare and never needs the coverage. Then at some point they need care. The individual finds out that Medicare covers only 80%. What about the 20%? Well, then they think they can obtain a Medicare supplement policy. The individual finds out […]

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Helicopter Parents?

If you are in the sandwich generation you know what I am talking about. Grown children that have children of their own but also are taking care of their parents. Who in most cases might be turning back into children themselves.

There is a fine line in being a helicopter […]

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ACA being put back together piece by piece

The affordable care act is being pulled apart at the seems on capitol hill but many of the states are starting to implement working on keeping the ACA together. Here in NJ our government is working on passing the individual mandate for our residents even when the federal individual […]

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Long Term Care Something to think about

Who is going to care for you? What does the care look like? How much stress is put on your family when a loved one needs to be cared for around the clock? There are many questions to think about when it comes to getting care at home or […]

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The opioid crisis from an insurance perspective

A recent study from Kaiser shows an astonishing statistic that nearly 4 in 10 people that are addicted to opioids are covered by private insurance. The coverage costs for covering these addicitons jumped to 2.6 billion in 2016 vs 0.3B in 2004.

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