Tech and Health meet

Apple is in the health game. They are looking to give their health trackers to seniors. This could be a big win in regards to preventative care with data and could eventually trim the actual cost of care. This is a good first step. Cost of care skyrockets every […]

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Is the Solution Medicare for all?

Medicare for all, this isn’t going away. For the next year or so we are going to hear about this as a possible solution to our healthcare system. The truth is not many people have any idea what Medicare for all is and if it would even work. Tax […]

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Individual Open enrollment soon to close do not delay

We are approaching the end of open enrollment for individual medical insurance plans. With just about two weeks to go it is time to make a selection for 2019. Many of the carriers have had an across the board rate reduction which is great news to most consumers. If […]

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New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute

I am proud to be published in the bi – weekly business newsletter of the Quality Institute. We are entering the fourth quarter and the busiest time for brokers trying to assist individuals and employers enroll into appropriate medical plans for 2019. I was happy to be included in […]

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Medicare for All?

Recently Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill. Medicare for all. Problems solved right? Now everyone can have coverage see doctors and get everything paid for. Unfortunately the price tag on this is approximately 32.6 TRILLION over the first decade of offering. Even doubling taxes on everyone will not do […]

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Individuals Need Help too

Yes there is another medical insurance wave of increases coming with no end in sight. We are talking about the individual pre-65 year of age population. Those currently insured without subsidy assistance because they “make too much” will be faced with double digit increases. These individuals include contractors, sole-props, […]

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Aging is there a limit?

I read this morning and interesting article full of facts and information in regards to pushing the envelope on aging. Can we make it past 125 years old? I can only think as a medical insurance broker what that would actually cost our country when we accomplish that feat […]

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Medicare for All? The same as Single Payer?

Medicare for all. We have all heard this echoing from our nations capitol but the two are not the same. Medicare has both premiums and copay’s. Single Payer would “get rid” of those cost sharing features. Medicare also relies heavily on a lifetime of contributions to make this entitlement […]

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You get what you pay for

Medicare advantage plans are cheap! Sometimes there is no cost to them at all. Sound to good to be true? Usually is. Do you want to be concerned about co-pays, deductibles and networks? One minute your favorite doctor participates in your plan the next he or she doesn’t? Before […]

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Volunteer because it is good!

Since I was very young my father introduced me to a local club called the Lions Club. I was able to see at a young age first hand what reaching out to the community and assisting those who need it most was like. Years went by and attending club […]

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