Senior Moments with SCAN

Kudos to Mike Ciavolino and Andrea Tarr for having me on the Senior Citizens Activities Network – SCAN podcast a few weeks back. We discussed the Medicare Annual Election Period, volunteering and everything in between. If you are looking to get involved in a great organization reach out to Mike and […]

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MODC Works for you!

What a great gathering and a powerhouse of attendees! MODC had a fantastic holiday party. This is a great business organization to be involved with. They are also an integral organization with Monmouth and Ocean county. They do such great work with non-profits and […]

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Work Life Balance

I had the pleasure to be on Always FreyDay podcast. The host the one and only Steven M. Frey, AIFA®, CRES! We talked about Medicare and what beneficiaries don’t know. We also chatted about business and the work life […]

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Medicare Supplement VS. Advantage

Shhhh! I went “undercover.” I decided to head over to the provider across the hall to see if they took Medicare Advantage and to my surprise they didn’t! Does that surprise you? When making a decision to enroll in Medicare you have options.

Who […]

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Veterans Day Thank You



Veterans day is upon us. I was so lucky to have been able to have been a guest at the Air Force Academy in Colorado back in 2017.

Being part of the honorary commanders program at Joint Base Dix, Lakehurst McGuire we flew on […]

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Trick or Treat?



Every year this happens. This year is no different I get a call from someone on Medicare. They need help. They are in a plan that isn’t paying what they think it should towards their care. They want to get out […]

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