6 Feet of Thank you!

Friday is upon us. I just want to take this time to thank our essential workers and medical professionals for what you do now and everyday!



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How to enroll on-line if turning 65 soon

You were planning on meeting with an agent at your local Social Security Office but now you can’t. So now what? Here are a few tips if you are ageing into Medicare and you are not sure how to enroll now.

Online enrollment sounds like a great way to enroll; however, […]

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Turning 65? When to enroll in Medicare

Turning 65? You probably have heard about Medicare and know that you want to enroll. But when? In this episode of white board chat, we discuss when is the best time to enroll if you are eligible for Medicare and are not going to continue your employers coverage.

Turning 65? […]

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Not happy with your Medicare advantage plan?

Today we’re going to be talking about MADP (Medicare Advantage Dis-enrollment Period) not to be confused with MAPD (Medicare Advantage Drug Plan) for Medicare beneficiaries out there the annual enrollment period or (AEP) ended December 7th. Did you go onto a Medicare Advantage plan? Do you have buyers […]

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AEP almost over act now!

Medicare beneficiaries you have a couple of days it’ll be over soon December 7.  

Did you make it decision? Are you aware that you can change your Part D Medication?  Don’t just say I’ll just do it in January or February. You can’t, you’re allowed one plan change […]

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Give the Gift of Medicare and a Supplement

Do you have parents? You’re busy working. But what are your parents doing about their care? Are they going into Medicare soon? Turning 62, 63, or 64 soon? It’s time to start the education, give them the gift […]

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