Plan G or F?


Decisions, decisions. Most folks that are retiring and or turning age 65 still talk about plan F Medicare Supplement. If you are […]

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Thank you Parents


Thank you parents! We all have them. They have looked out for us now we need to look out for them. As our parents get older they will be leaning on their children more.

What will they need from you? Make sure […]

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How much do Medicare Supplement policies Cost?

Medicare supplement policies are insurance policies offered by private insurance carriers. In other words they fill in the gaps. These policies are also called “Medi-Gap” plans. Not all carriers are treated equally. There can be a huge difference in costs between the same plans across different carriers so […]

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Picking a Medicare Supplement Plan


Picking a Medicare Supplement policy isn’t just as simple as purchasing the least expensive plan available. Buyer beware! Is the carrier that you are picking been in the market in the state in which you live for a long time? Or […]

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Disadvantages of Medicare Advantge


Are you turning 65? Have you opened your mailbox lately? After you have cleaned and disinfected your mail, what do you see? Tons and tons of solicitations! Pick me the mailers scream! Your time is now and you have a right […]

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Picking a Medicare Supplement Plan

It is important when you’re picking a Medicare supplement policy to look at the details of each policy and how they work in conjunction with Medicare. Many beneficiaries glaze over the details on how the […]

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Millennials Turn 40!



If you are one of the oldest millennials than you have or are about to have a milestone birthday! What does that mean for you? Celebration and added responsibility. Your parents are getting older and they will be leaning on you […]

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Don’t Fall through the ice!


Keep off the ice seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Oh that ice might be thin if I go out I might fall through.


If you’re a Medicare beneficiary turning 65, there are no guardrails or warning signs when you’re just about […]

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