Medicare supplement, a waste of money?

A question was asked if a Medicare supplement is a waste of money. So first we have to understand what a Medicare supplement is and what it does and a lot of people misunderstand and they think that a […]

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COVID Scammers!

Just wanted to give you this update while I enjoy this little morning stroll. Covid vaccinations aren’t really readily available yet. But for you Medicare beneficiaries your may be receiving phone calls emails texts saying that you should give your Medicare ID number over to them and pay for the […]

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Wait? Another Open Enrollment?

With the Annual Open Enrollment Period(AEP) behind us 10/15 – 12/7 we are now in the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment period (MAOEP). This may seem confusing. Well, it is. During October if you were on a Medicare Advantage plan you could change your plan to another plan that is offered […]

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Individual Open Enrollment 2021

Do you have coverage through your employer? If you don’t and you are looking for individual medical insurance coverage now is the time to do it.
You have until 12/31 for a 1/1/21 effective date. Don’t wait! There are subsidies available through the state of New Jersey and […]
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Birthday approaching? Are you Turning 65?

If you are turning 65 soon these truly are different times. First try scheduling an appointment with Social Security in person. You can’t, the branch offices are closed. Below is a video I put together to skip the line and to enroll in Medicare on-line. You can enroll if you […]

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Medicare AEP Don’t make a mistake this season

Are you a Medicare beneficiary? Now is your time to take action on making changes to your RX part D plan or Advantage plan. Be careful though. There will be many advertisements from the insurance carriers stating they are the best. Make the right choice don’t make a mistake we […]

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I have to renew my Medicare Supplement policy right?

Are you confused thinking you need to renew your Medicare Supplement policy? Your policy is in fact guaranteed renewable. That means that as long as you are current on paying the premium that your insurance coverage will renew automatically. Just because we are entering the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) does […]

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Job Based Health Insurance increases 4%

I don’t know one employer that looks forward to their medical insurance renewal. If I see a renewal that is less than 10% I let the employer know that they should have a party! That is really a shame. I would love to deliver 0% increases to all of my […]

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