The Rebates are Coming!

According to studies it looks like the insurers selling medical insurance to individuals could be issuing a record 800 million in rebates to customers. Premiums were overshot when setting premiums for last year due to the uncertainty of the ACA.


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Any Hospitals Left?

Another little wrinkle in the ‘Medicare for All’ conversation. Can hospitals stand on their own when reimbursements will be cut in more than half? Many hospitals will close and there will most certainly be layoffs.

Hospital Reimbursment


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2026 No Medicare?

Entitlements are promised and after time run into funding issues. Medicare our backbone of medical insurance for the 65+ population looks to be insolvent by 2026. Just to give you an idea Medicare’s hospital and outpatient care, and RX drug benefit totaled about $740 Billion! (740,000,000,000) last year.

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Medicare Fraud A Real Problem

We hear about stories of Medicare fraud. Yet the amounts that are found in scams get bigger and bigger. This still is the tip of the ice berg. This costs us millions a year. Medicare pays quickly before potential frauds get flagged making it a perfect candidate for fraud. […]

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Offer Medical Insurance Coverage Across State lines

The conversation has started again. Offer medical insurance options across state lines. Give the consumers more options? This will bring down the cost of coverage. Not so fast. This would not bring down cost of coverage and could actually increase costs. Medical insurance is expensive because care is expensive.

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Tech and Health meet

Apple is in the health game. They are looking to give their health trackers to seniors. This could be a big win in regards to preventative care with data and could eventually trim the actual cost of care. This is a good first step. Cost of care skyrockets every […]

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Is the Solution Medicare for all?

Medicare for all, this isn’t going away. For the next year or so we are going to hear about this as a possible solution to our healthcare system. The truth is not many people have any idea what Medicare for all is and if it would even work. Tax […]

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Individual Open enrollment soon to close do not delay

We are approaching the end of open enrollment for individual medical insurance plans. With just about two weeks to go it is time to make a selection for 2019. Many of the carriers have had an across the board rate reduction which is great news to most consumers. If […]

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New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute

I am proud to be published in the bi – weekly business newsletter of the Quality Institute. We are entering the fourth quarter and the busiest time for brokers trying to assist individuals and employers enroll into appropriate medical plans for 2019. I was happy to be included in […]

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Medicare for All?

Recently Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a bill. Medicare for all. Problems solved right? Now everyone can have coverage see doctors and get everything paid for. Unfortunately the price tag on this is approximately 32.6 TRILLION over the first decade of offering. Even doubling taxes on everyone will not do […]

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