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How does Medicare Part D Work?

I put a video together above going through examples of different stages of Medicare Part D. This is the RX portion of Medicare. There are still questions about the “donut hole. We help our beneficiaries understand the drug plans they are enrolling in and project out plan costs over the […]

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Annual Election Period (AEP) is upon us!

If you are a Medicare beneficiary it is time to review your RX. Every year from 10/15 – 12/7 is the annual election period. This is the time for you to review the annual notice of change you have received from your […]

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Proud to Serve


When in business you should not take responsibility lightly. You are responsible for your clients, prospects and employees. You take the time to educate those folks as they grow and stick with you long term. Included in the hierarchy of importance is […]

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But you get FREE Stuff

What are you getting for free?

I have been receiving a lot of calls lately from Medicare beneficiaries. There have been commercials on TV or they have heard a radio ad. In the ad it states that you are entitled to free stuff when you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage […]

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Will my doctor take my supplement?

What doctors take?

Almost all doctors take Medicare and all Hospitals do. Does that mean that if they take Medicare they will take your supplement? The answer is yes! Most folks that have been on managed care their entire lives think that the […]

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Can I buy a Medicare Supplement at any time?


The question is can you buy a Medicare supplement policy at anytime? The answer is yes! But there is a catch. Most […]

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When can I leave my Advantage plan?

There are a couple of times during the year when you can leave your Medicare Advantage Plan. The Annual Election Period (AEP). The dates are October 15th to December 7th. Or you can leave in the open enrollment period from January 1st […]

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Post Card

Have you received a postcard in the mail? There might be an opportunity for you. We have received calls about this in our office and wanted to share our findings with you. […]

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Enroll in Part A and Part B Only?

Just Part A and B

You are closing into Medicare age. 65 years old. Here comes all the mail and solicitations. You decide to forgo all of that and just enroll in Medicare […]

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