The annual election period or AEP is from 10/15 – 12/7. This is the time if you are a Medicare beneficiary that you are going to start getting swamped with phone calls. Also every channel that you turn on will have a commercial saying, “Take action now!” Enroll in a Medicare plan today! Confusing? You better believe it! For most of you this is the time to review your Medicare Part D RX plan.

Did something change with your RX during the year? Did you get your annual notice of change (ANOC) from your part D RX? Did you get an increase? These are all things you should be on the look out for. It is important that you review your RX. 7 out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries never review their RX per the Kaiser Family Foundation. When you don’t review you lose. So please make sure to do that. It is only in your best interest to do so. For most you are retired now and every dollar that comes into your household counts. Do don’t delay make sure you review.