Podcasting is fun

Well that was fun! I had a great time being a guest on Aaron Levine’s monthly podcast. We spoke about the insurance industry as a whole, dipped into Medicare and also how inexpensive individual medical policies have become! Just kidding in regards to insurance policies. Prices continue to rise but the government has stepped in and has helped soften the premium blow with subsidies.


Now that individual policies are so cheap (Pre-65 years of age) employers are slow to roll out group benefits. They can’t compete with a government subsidy. Is that great news for an employer? Time will tell. As the government subsidized medical insurance policies folks that are enrolling really have no idea how expensive the policy actually is. What does that mean? Kiss cost transparency goodbye! If a subsidy increases with the premium how is anyone going to do anything about medical costs and or premium costs for that matter?


I also chat about Medicare and the lack of education. How this can hurt the beneficiary turning 65. Most folks have not had to make a medical insurance decision for the entire working lives. But now they have to pick a Medicare Supplement plan. What is it and how does it work? Education is key when starting Medicare.