Keep off the ice seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Oh that ice might be thin if I go out I might fall through.


If you’re a Medicare beneficiary turning 65, there are no guardrails or warning signs when you’re just about to enter Medicare beneficiary age, you’re basically on your own and you have to gather the best information. You can to make an educated decision on what you should do and there’s a ton of misinformation out there. But all the mail that you’re going to get is going to say welcome come in to Medicare buy this private plan too! It’s the best thing ever! The private carrier says walk out on that ice.

What you might not know when you get halfway out, there is, all of a sudden the ice is thin and you could fall through and you find out after the fact or after you enrolled in Medicare and you made a decision about a plan and it might have been the wrong one and nobody told you and nobody warned you.


It’s important that you reach out to an independent agent like us at Stark Associates Insurance Agency so we can educate you safely through uncharted waters. Out there it all looks safe, but there are some pitfalls. We can help educate you.

The time to enroll and what to expect. What is the late enrollment penalty? We will  debunk any rumors you might have heard especially from your friends that have already enrolled. They might have made their own decisions and who knows in the future they could fall through the ice. Now what I mean by that is a Medicare supplement policy joins together with Medicare Medicare pays 80% the supplement pays 20%. If you make a decision where you’re in the wrong plan, maybe you decided to take a Medicare Advantage plan, you’re tied to a network and you have co-pays and deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket. And then you find out as you fall through the ice. That was the wrong decision to make is there a lifeline that can be thrown to you? To save you before you fall all the way through? Sometimes there isn’t and you’re going to be stuck with the plan. It’s important before you turn 65 to do the education and we will offer that education to you. We don’t charge for that.

We do want to help you make the best educated decision when you turn 65. This is a benefit that you’ve paid for and you deserve it.  Make sure to keep off the ice if it’s thin there are guardrails here, but not out in the real world.