I don’t know one employer that looks forward to their medical insurance renewal. If I see a renewal that is less than 10% I let the employer know that they should have a party! That is really a shame. I would love to deliver 0% increases to all of my clients. That has never been the case. So what is the answer? How do you stop the insurance increases? Cost of care increases every year and has a direct association with the insurance premiums you pay.


At this point there is no end in sight. Generally employers will offset those premium increases with their contributions to the plan but the employees still feel the impact. If someone does not have the luxury of working for an employer that offers medical benefits or is a sole prop, they could qualify for a subsidy on the marketplace. Essentially if someone is enrolling in a medical plan they are getting it subsidized either from the employer or by the marketplace either federally or the state based exchange.

I was recently on a podcase with Jessica Mashkevich speaking about this issue.



Here is the article below.

55% increase in premiums over the last decade.