You were planning on meeting with an agent at your local Social Security Office but now you can’t. So now what? Here are a few tips if you are ageing into Medicare and you are not sure how to enroll now.

Online enrollment sounds like a great way to enroll; however, there are caveats.

  • You must enroll through a my SSA account. If you don’t have one, you will need to establish one.
  • If you have put a freeze on your credit, you won’t be able to establish an account until you thaw your credit.
  • Not everyone can apply online. Online enrollment is limited to those who are at least 64 years and nine months old and are not enrolled in Medicare or receiving Social Security benefits. That means, if you signed up for Social Security before age 65 or you’re over 65 and enrolled in Part A, you cannot use the online system.

For additional information a great article written by Diane Omdahl explains:

How can I enroll in Medicare?