You are receiving daily mailers. You see the advertisements on TV. You hear it on the radio. Your friends are talking about it. What is it? It is the Medicare Advantage plan! The cost of some of the plans could be close to $0 a month or $0 a month. Too good to be true?

What you get in a Medicare Advantage plan. A Network, co-pays, deductibles, max out of pockets and a drug plan. Also you might get dental and vision included and a gym membership. If you are looking for all types of additional benefits this might be the plan to consider.

What you don’t know is that there are some negatives by purchasing a Medicare Advantage Plan. They are, the network, co-pays, deductibles, and Max out of pocket. Every year doctors negotiate with the insurance carriers. Sometimes the carrier you are using might not agree with the doctor and not offer insurance if you go to that doctor. That could be a big problem for you. Also your max out of pocket could be high in excess of $6,000 for the year.

With traditional Medicare and a supplement plan if you were to pick Plan G your out of pocket costs for the year would just be the Part B deductible at $185. You don’t have to worry about co-pays, deductibles, max-out-of pockets or networks. You operate on original Medicare. Do you want to sort through an online provider finder to see if your doc participates in the plan this year? Do you want to juggle explanation of benefits from your carrier then compare to doctor bills and most make sense?

When it comes to a purchasing decision and you quickly see the premium is low or $0 and you think what could be so bad with this? Be prepared. Before you make a decision please contact us or your agent to guide you through the maze.


Watch this video for more details