Since I was very young my father introduced me to a local club called the Lions Club. I was able to see at a young age first hand what reaching out to the community and assisting those who need it most was like. Years went by and attending club meetings watching the politics and helping drive nails into a new wheel chair ramp that we were creating for the local handicapped or a gazebo to help the senior citizens in town escape the sun.

By age 29 I served as club President. That was nearly 10 years ago but it completed a long journey. Volunteer see it through and get involved. Your community will thank you and it feels great!

That being said this is my 10th year chairing our very popular Eatontown Lions Golf outing. The money we raise helps a few other charities and also the local community.

Charities we donate to include:

The Fisher House

The Captain James M. Gurbisz Foundation

Kick Cancer Overboard 

The Eastern Monmouth Educational Foundation



Eatontown Lions Host their 20th Annual Outing

Our beneficiaries Capt. James M. Gurbisz Foundation, The Fisher House, Kick Cancer Overboard, and The Eastern Monmouth Educational Foundation.