If you are an employer you may be offering medical benefits to your employees right now. You might have employees that have been with you for years. As your employees get older they will have to consider staying on their health plan or leave it at 65 to enroll in Medicare.

The question is how much do they already know about their current plan? Are they educated? Studies show they are not. Most employees don’t have a clue what health insurance carrier they are with or what benefits are offered. Who is to blame? Employer? Broker? The healthcare system? All of the above?

Simply put when it comes to making a life changing healthcare decision most people have no idea what to do. They will be making a medical insurance buying decision. For over 100 million people in this country that are covered by a corporate coverage they may not have had to make a decision like that for their entire career.

We sometimes hear I am on whatever plan the owner told me to go on. There were no buying decisions to be made. When it comes to Medicare it is very important to weigh your options and get the best coverage possible. But where do you start? It is important to reach out to an independent insurance broker to help guide you along in the process of enrollment. You can make mistakes if you don’t have all the facts about Medicare and you won’t even notice until it is too late.