Medicare Supplement VS. Advantage

Shhhh! I went “undercover.” I decided to head over to the provider across the hall to see if they took Medicare Advantage and to my surprise they didn’t! Does that surprise you? When making a decision to enroll in Medicare you have […]

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Veterans Day Thank You



Veterans day is upon us. I was so lucky to have been able to have been a guest at the Air Force Academy in Colorado back in 2017.

Being part of the honorary commanders program at Joint Base Dix, Lakehurst McGuire we flew […]

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Trick or Treat?



Every year this happens. This year is no different I get a call from someone on Medicare. They need help. They are in a plan that isn’t paying what they think it should towards their care. They want to get […]

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What is AEP? What does it mean for me?

The annual election period or AEP is from 10/15 – 12/7. This is the time if you are a Medicare beneficiary that you are going to start getting swamped with phone calls. Also every channel that you turn on will […]

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2023 Part B Premium and Deductible Announced!

This is a first and great news for you! Watch the video to find out!

Time to celebrate​​​​ and start Happy Hour Early! Your premiums and deductible for 2023 are going to be LOWER!

Click here for the new rates including if you pay additional […]

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Part D 2023 Estimated Costs

We have put together a video for your viewing pleasure! Please watch. This will explain what the utilization costs for 2023 look like.

Remember that your deductible for the RX resets at the beginning of every […]

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Part D RX 2022 RX Check in

We are a little more than halfway through 2022. There might be some Part D RX questions. Below I have provided a chart to help explain the different steps of Medicare RX. Also make sure you are using discount cards at the pharmacy. It never hurts to ask! You can […]

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Yes, it is the dreaded letter you get from the government. Initially you think you are in the clear and only owe the base premium for Medicare Part B of $170.10.

Then a few weeks later you get a letter stating you are going to owe more due to your income […]

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It’s about time for employee education

You are offered benefits from your job

It happens all the time. Employers offer their employees medical benefits. Which is a great perk to have! The employee stays with the company for years. Every year the medical insurance benefits renew and the employee is handed a new medical insurance card. If […]

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GetCovered NJ Deadline is approaching January 31

Get Covered NJ deadline

I just wanted to make you aware that if you thought you would wait until February to pickup individual medical insurance coverage you thought wrong. January 31st is the deadline for open enrollment in 2022.

Last year New Jersey […]

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