What are Short Term Disability Benefits?

This state-mandated Short Term Disability plan provides benefits to eligible NJ employees who are unable to work due to a non-occupational illness or injury. Every employee in NJ must be provided with this Temporary Disability Benefit even if the employer is located outside of New Jersey.

Employers have the choice to privatize their Short Term Disability Benefits coverage or they can opt for coverage with the NJ Short Term Disability Plan.

What is the difference between the NJ State Short Term Disability Plan and a Private Plan for employees?

All private plans must offer the same or greater benefits than the State plan and are required to be approved by the State of New Jersey.

For employees there are three major advantages:

  • Swifter short term disability claim payment (Typically reimbursement is within 5 business days while NJ takes several weeks)
  • Service, private plans provide a dedicated customer service unit that facilitates all inquiries.
  • Single point of contact with a broker who can typically providing quicker resolution to your issues.

Not sure? Have questions?

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