What happens when an employee gets hurt? The employee and family have the added worry about lost wages. Similarly the employer has the added stress of filling a vacancy quickly in order to maintain productivity.

Lost productivity due to employees becoming disabled is an issue of great cost for employers. Economic, demographic and societal trends have led to an increasingly mobile, diverse and older workforce. In addition, increased stress in the workplace and the home are taking a toll on overall employee health, productivity and safety. The result is higher health care and disability costs that have a measurable impact on employers and the employee benefits packages that they offer. These trends and costs are expected to continue to interact with and influence the marketplace, so making appropriate benefit choices remains important for employers.

What is group disability insurance?

In the event of an employee injury, group disability insurance provides some income protection for the employee. For employers, lost time on the job due to a disability can significantly impact workplace productivity and profitability. Disability insurance can partially cover overtime and costs incurred by the employer to hire replacement(s).

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