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Not happy with your Medicare advantage plan?

Today we’re going to be talking about MADP (Medicare Advantage Dis-enrollment Period) not to be confused with MAPD (Medicare Advantage Drug Plan) for Medicare beneficiaries out there the annual enrollment period or (AEP) ended December 7th. Did you go onto a Medicare Advantage plan? Do you have buyers

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AEP almost over act now!

Medicare beneficiaries you have a couple of days it’ll be over soon December 7.  

Did you make it decision? Are you aware that you can change your Part D Medication?  Don’t just say I’ll just do it in January or February. You can’t, you’re allowed one plan […]

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Give the Gift of Medicare and a Supplement

Do you have parents? You’re busy working. But what are your parents doing about their care? Are they going into Medicare soon? Turning 62, 63, or 64 soon? It’s time to start the education, give them the […]

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Medicare Advantage or Supplement?

You are receiving daily mailers. You see the advertisements on TV. You hear it on the radio. Your friends are talking about it. What is it? It is the Medicare Advantage plan! The cost of some of the plans could be close to $0 a month or $0 a […]

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How do I enroll in Medicare?

Are you closing in on your Medicare enrollment? Take a look at this video for steps on how to do it.

Enrolling in Medicare? 

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Individual Open Enrollment now is the time!

During the year you were looking to enroll into an individual medical insurance policy? Were you told that you had to wait until open enrollment? Now is your time! The open enrollment season starts on 11/1/2019.  Please watch the video below.



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Don’t be confused. October 15th is the start of AEP!

I have included a video below to clarify what October 15th is. If you are on Medicare and have Part D RX plan, it is time to shop for an RX. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you have the availability to change plans. Both would have effective […]

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Millennial? Don’t put off going to the doctor

In this article that I have read it is just a reminder to go annually to see your doctor. Regardless if a recession is looming.

Here is the link to the article.

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Chronic Illness to be paid for?

Please see the below article written by the Wall Street Journal. My question is if the cost of that care is shifted before deductible in high deductible plans tied to HSA’s won’t the premium skyrocket?

Chronic Illness paid for before deductible is met?

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Is healthcare confusing?

Please take a moment and read this article about medical charges and the ER. The rate is the rate until it isn’t. No one has a clue what health care costs. I would say the last frontier of opaque transparency.

The ER Overcharged me 

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